Cyber PT

Cyber PT was created and designed by Fitness Specialist Glyn Amos. Its purpose is to deliver a complete online health, fitness and wellness programme to businesses and organisations.

  • Exercise Planning
  • Gym Inductions
  • Servicing Equipment
  • Social Media Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Page
Exercise Planning
Cyber PT can support the process of getting all your employees fitter and healthier by preparing and designing exercise plans based on their individual levels of fitness.

We can do this for all your people irrespective of ability, age, experience, or fitness level. We know that most people can be fitter given the right support and stimulus.

CyberPT will take the guess work out of exercise planning and structure and replace it with an Exercise Action Plan (EAP) designed by a qualified

Personal Trainer.

This will help motivate employees to commit to regular and sustained exercise through a bespoke, progressive, EAP. The EAP is delivered via the internet and directly to each employee.

Gym Inductions
We will prepare exercise videos for each piece of exercise equipment. This will demonstrate correct technique and how to use the fitness equipment effectively and safely.

This will be supported by a QR code attached to every item of gym equipment. The QR codes will be accessed by mobile telephones.

The exercise videos on the QR codes will be designed to be easily understood and copied by all employees irrespective of ability or experience. The QR codes offer a permanent and lasting gym induction every time any employee enters the gym. This ensures that all employees are always guaranteed safe operational use of all equipment. This provides a ‘no-reason’ excuse for incorrect use of equipment. The QR codes can be

upgraded as and when required.

Servicing Equipment

The Cyber pt will carry out a full and thorough independent inspection every 4 weeks.

The purpose of this is to ensure that all the equipment is fit for purpose and to minimise any issues with faulty equipment. The independent audit will also ensure that all the equipment is in good working order and will support the employer against any possible claim due to faulty equipment.

Regular inspections will also help maximise the lifespan of the equipment.

The purpose of this is to ensure that all equipment is fit for use, to minimise any issues with faulty equipment and to ensure that all fitness equipment is in good working order and to support the employer against any claim regarding injury due to faulty equipment. Regular equipment audits also help to maximises its lifespan.

This ensures and demonstrates that an independent regular audit of the fitness equipment is being carried out. This supports the Health and Safety at Work Act in terms of reasonable ‘duty of care’ for all employees. A digital inspection report can be produced for all equipment and forwarded every 4-weeks.

CyberPT will arrange for a full annual service of all equipment in line with all HSE guidelines by a recognised, competent company.

Social Media Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Page
We are particularly responsive to the issues of mental health.
CyberPT will establish a ‘company’ social media platform. The purpose of this is to create a health, fitness and wellness online magazine from which employees can learn about all aspects of health, fitness and wellness.

We will share videos from our Personal Trainers and others fitness specialists from across the world showing how to carryout exercise routines,

thereby engaging with all employees.

We will update and include regular articles on fitness, health, and wellness. We will prepare and share issues on diets and lifestyles, helping those both wanting to lose weight and those wanting to gain weight.

We will post articles on health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and many more. We will provide and share information from latest research on all health, fitness, and wellness topics. We are particularly responsive to the issues of mental health and believe that exercise has a positive role to play in many mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety.

The social media page will be the complete health and fitness magazine for all employees and cover all issues to support employees health and

fitness needs.

What our clients say about us

Heart problem, what heart problem? Helen’s story

"Glyn talked a lot of sense, and I knew if I followed his advice things would get better. I

started with Personal Training two sessions a week. Initially light cardio with very light


CORPORAL DAVID P Diabetes and Sleep Apnoea.

"I generally feel much better and have much more energy to cope with my young Granddaughter which is great fun. On the weight side I have lost 1stone 2 pounds in six weeks. My aim now is to get down to 14 stones and with Glyn’s help I’m confident that I can do that"

Fitter at work now Gary’s blood pressure dropped by regular exercise

"The doctor can’t believe it, it’s great. I feel loads better and have much more energy. I work crazy hours and find sleeping difficult because of the irregularity of my shifts. Now I sleep like a baby. Honestly, I cannot recommend seeing someone like Glyn enough"

How Phil beat heart disease

"Glyn listened and understood where I was coming from, and he certainly knows his

stuff. I went on an 8-week exercise and diet programme; Glyn calls it Lifestyle Change. In

no time at all I lost over a stone and could see the difference in body shape"

Rocket Ron recovers from a stroke at work and is now back at work

"I was so impressed with Glyn’s enthusiasm and commitment to get me fit and well, I knew I was in good hands and decided to give it a go"

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