Design My Gym was established to offer a complete no-nonsense approach to delivering fully specified gyms to businesses, corporations, organisations, and trusts both private and


We are experts at what we do, and we believe we are the best.

We can turn your existing gym, available space, or redundant space into a fantastic, modern and envied gym for all your employees that will last for years and be appreciated and treasured by all your employees.

Your new Gym will act as a retention tool for your most valued staff and as a recruitment enticement for future employees.


Why invest in a Gym for your staff?


Fitter people are more efficient, more productive and have less time off work.


Exercise can help prevent many health issues that cause absenteeism from work.


Exercise can reduce work based repetitive injuries.

Mental Health

Exercise is scientifically proven to help with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.


Exercise will get your employees back to work more quickly, and fitter.


It acts as a retention tool, helping you keep your best employees.

Through our sister company ‘Cyber PT’ we can offer a fully digital health and fitness service.

Delivering workout plans for all your employees with full support on all aspects of health,

fitness, and welfare.

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